Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last night DH and I spent the evening working on our respective crafts, listening to classical and Christmas music, interrupted only by a quick pas de deux during the Nutcracker Suite. I've finished my store model of the Colonnade Scarf, which was hands-down the most complicated blocking I've ever done. It's on the bed downstairs drying now, full of 2 boxes of T-pins. Time to invest in, or create some blocking wires. They would have had to be 8 feet long to block this baby though.

While I finished the Colonnade Scarf for Stix, DH worked on a collar for our Mozambiquan beach mutt. Since hunting season had started off a little slow, DH had time to get back into his leatherworking. He whipped out a holster for his new 1911 in less than 24 hours.

Last year, he was prolific, and I was the recipient of 2/4 of his major projects. He made these plackets for my chinks, which are now being finished at Johnson's Saddlery in Dillon.

For Christmas of 2008, my parents got Jon an ulu, and he made this amazing holster for it.

Lastly, the beach dog that gets the collar.

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