Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A new occasion for which to knit!

Herr and I took a trip to the Southwest this April/May between seasons. We both work seasonal jobs at the moment so as soon as ski season ends, we've got around a month of unemployment to look forward to. It was beautiful down there, a good 20-30 degrees warmer than up North. It felt good to get some sun and do nothing except hike, read, and knit for days.

On April 29 we camped in Valley of the Gods in one of our favorite camping spots, and Herr proposed marriage! We are now engaged and plan on marrying at the courthouse this summer, having a small ceremony in Mozambique with some family attending, then having a ceremony and reception for family and friends in August 2o1o.

It looks now like I get to knit for 3 weddings! Oh man, I am pretty excited about the prospects. Listen, I may or may not have been looking at veil patterns for the last year.

So, to knit:
Veil (maybe A Curved Shawl
Cold Feet Socks for him and her
Shawl for Grandma
Hats for Groomsmen
Shrug/Cardigan for Engagement/Rehersal dinner

Oh geez! I love lists.