Friday, July 24, 2009


The title of this entry seems to impart a lot right now.

Strand is the German word for "beach," and in the past week, I've been beached quite a few time. It was so nice to go visit the ladies in Missoula, then have them come down here to visit. We did a lot of sunbathing, dancing, quatching and imbibing, so I figure between mental and physical health I should break about even. The girls left this morning, but I'm hoping to see them and the Missoulian soon.

However, they did manage to get me stuck at my house. I attempted to start the car to go into town this morning, but the thing wouldn't turn over. Low and behold, the dome light was on, and so I am stranded.

I decided to work on what I can from home. Luckily, my favorite wedding blog and dress-shopping center, Once Wed provides useful distraction. I can't lie though, I'm getting a little fed up with this wedding stuff. The dresses are ridiculously expensive, then I saw an inner tag from a dressmaker I had been jonesing after, Monique Lhuillier, and 40% of the dress was nylon! Thousands of dollars for nylon. Call me a fiber snob, but that crap is bogus.

The wedding venue is another source of frustration in that the place upon which my heart was set refuses to have us, and my second choice for a reception venue hasn't gotten back to me.

It will all just come together, right?

I'm also in the middle of knitting an Amber Vest for Knit/Purl, unfortunately the pattern is not incredibly detailed, so I'm looking forward to pulling out rows before I can continue. I want to get this DONE so I can work on my queue of knitting that I've ignored for months.

Current List:
1. Vest
2. Smoke ring for Aunt Lise demanded by father
3. Silk/Linen Vest for me
4. Veil?

Done with writing, now with doing!