Sunday, June 7, 2009

She'll be missed.

In more somber news, a couple of weeks ago when visiting Missoula, I bought the yarn for my veil from Joseph's coat. It's pure undyed silk, 50/2. I'd talked to the owner, Susannah, a couple of weeks before. H Tess let me know yesterday that Susannah passed away. She worked at her yarn shop until the day she died, constantly surrounded by visitors, friends and her ever present hundlein. A good life. She was an interesting and interested woman.

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  1. Oh Haven, that's so horrible. I met her while I was in Missoula only a couple of weeks ago. That's so sad. She was an amazing woman with an incredible personality and wonderful sense of humor. I sat and knit with her for a couple of free hours while I was there for a conference, and we joked and laughed about Sarah Palin. What a loss. Thanks for sharing this information...

    ~Ginny Tschanz --Fairbanks, AK